Transformers Animated invade the kids room

Since Litsa and the boys took off the other week to go galavanting along the left coast leaving me here to enjoy the bliss of working, I decided on a whim to paint a mural in their bedroom of the Transformers Animated poster. When it's completed, it will be almost 3 feet in diameter. It … Read more

My son is the Cthulhu for the Lego-verse

My youngest son, who just turned 4 not too long ago – has evolved into the official Cthulhu for the Lego Universe. Just replace the victims on this shot of a Vinyl toy available from Brand Fury, with minifigs – and it’s spot on. I got him a couple more little Lego trains for his … Read more


Santa was extraordinarily good to the DeCoster family this year, and we woke to find a Nintendo Wii snuggled with care under the tree. I have read the reviews, watched people play, heard the media drone on about how they are being used, watched the prices on eBay go ridiculously high then back to normal, … Read more

Imperial Troopers lose major battle on Lamintooie

In a fierce battle which raged between Fairly Odd Parents and the final showing of Sponge Bob, three Imperial Troopers gave their lives to uphold the balance of power on Lamintooie. It’s really discouraging to see such carnage wrought by a fun-loving 3 year old. I’m not exactly why it is so much fun to … Read more

Another day in the neighborhood

They’ve poisoned the watering hole! We were outside eating dinner tonight since it was such a gorgeous afternoon – and I managed to catch this just before Donovan shoved his water at me asking why there was a little bug in it and could I see it. I’m not sure how high the temperature finally … Read more

Death to the printed picture

I have never in my life seen a single baby so dedicated to the utter destruction of a single, non-offending object as this one on our way to Pittsburgh on Sunday. I do not know why the photo offended him so, but he was hell-bent to inflict untold carnage unto it. And he succeeded. It … Read more

Everyone say hello to Lefty

Dylan is currently slightly handicapped due to the fact that he hacked his hand a bit. Unfortunately it’s his right hand too – but it’s not too bad – it only needed 5 stitches. Another one for the life lessons book, don’t play with knives – especially sharp as hell carving knives. So now he … Read more

Props to Grandma…

I guess it was just a matter of time until I found a good use for some of the goony toys that the kids get from Grandma…. This is a result of the whole fam-damnily playing with these two LED spinning, noise makers the kids got from "Santa" this year. It’s 4  exposures layered up … Read more

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve, and I just watched ol’ St. Nick fly right to our neighbors house on NORAD, I was pretending to be asleep on the couch when he stopped here. Much to my surprise he had to make two trips down our chimney this year! Holy exploding Santa Bags Rudolph! It’s going to be … Read more

Split tree soup

I decided we all needed to get out of the house and take spin around the local reservoir – and about 1/2 way around, we came upon an obstacle. Not just any ordinary obstacle either. It’s not all that uncommon for a tree to get toppled by a wind storm, especially some of the 50th … Read more

Sci-fi Banana fruit

The other day at the Grocery Store, Donovan saw this poised defiantly on the shelf and wanted to try it – so, being the ever-adventurous Papa I am – said: Sure, what the heck – it’s only $4 bucks Any way, so we get this edible puffer fish looking thing home, dice it up, plop … Read more

Too many Dylans….

I’ve seen a few people doing really great work with duplicating themselves photographically on Flickr, so I decided to give it a shot with the 2 crazies this morning. Dylan’s shot turned a ton better than Donovan’s, but he’s smaller and fits better in the frame of the couch. I will have to play this … Read more

I like the cat – but she’s just not smart

Last Friday morning, the wife supposedly let the cat out of the bag, and into the backyard for the usual daily attack on nature. All seemed fine and life goes on. Saturday rolls by, then Sunday… but wait? Where’s the cat? Momo (so named for a small, winged, Lemur) does not appear to be fed … Read more

Da na na na na na na naaaaaa… Batman!

Okay, so the cheesy grin harkens back to the Val Kilmer days of Batman, but so what. Thanks Grandma for the Batman PJs, as you can see they are a hit. Well almost 100%. For some strange reason Dylan starts to get upset if you do the dananananananananana Batman… thing from the old cornball TV … Read more

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