Death to the printed picture

I have never in my life seen a single baby so dedicated to the utter destruction of a single, non-offending object as this one on our way to Pittsburgh on Sunday. I do not know why the photo offended him so, but he was hell-bent to inflict untold carnage unto it. And he succeeded.

It was a picture of him and Donovan, from a year or two ago, and he tore it, crumpled it, folded, threw it, stomped on it, "kweezed it", and ultimately killed it. It was great. The Epson photo paper made very distinct squeaks, creaks and groans while Dylan mutilated for all his 3 year old worth. There was no mistaking who was going to be the victor in this conflict.

He was fired up all day too, slept only for an hour or so up, and was on fire for the rest of the night – up until about 10pm or so.

I think he is going to overtake Donovan as the all-mighty destroyer of things.

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