Blogging from the iPad – w00t!

So I got my hands on iPad today, it’s not mine really, but I get to play with it for a couple of days while I get it setup for a work project. My first reaction is that it’s pretty freakin’ cool, just like a proper Apple fanboy. I’m amazed at how nice the majority … Read more

How to determine what size carb you need

I’ve been trying to figure what I need in a new carburetor for my Bronco and have been struck dumb-founded by the multitude of possibilities in make, and size. Okay, so what the heck do I need? Well, out of the blue the other day my Dad calls, he was reading in Hot Rod magazine … Read more

The 7th Hell of Aftermarket Door Latches

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some new door latches for the Bronco expecting to be able to remove the old ones and simply drop in the new ones. I couldn’t have been farther from the truth. At first glance I could tell they were not the same, and they had been ground down … Read more

Frogs and rock puppets by the Poop Factory

Donovan and I decided to take a walk down by the raging Tuna (Tunungwant) this afternoon after dinner, and actually ended up walking about 2 miles or so. There is a trail that goes between Bolivar Ave and Tuna Crossing (where they finally rebuilt the bridge after 5 + years of it being closed), and … Read more

The Bronco is almost running again….

Ya know, when I bought the damned thing it ran fine – made it all the way home from Philly with no problem – it was a long drive mind you – but we made it. Thanks to Jcal for driving the Jetta home. Any way, so I start pissing around with the little stuff … Read more

A few shots of the Bronco

I’ve been slowly tearin into the Bronco, and going after some of the small stuff that doesn’t cost much to fix, so I thought I would plop up a couple of shots before it is changed too much. So far I have removed the front seats, moved a couple of switches, replaced the oil pressure … Read more

The Bronco is BACK!!!!

[b]OMG!!!![/b] This has got to be the most beautiful machine on the planet! I love Ford! I love Ford! [url=][img][/img][/url] I LOVE FORD! That being said, if they don’t make this thing… they die…. The Ford Bronco concept unleashed upon the unsuspection truck market recently is nothing short of a good ol’ fashion truck! Big … Read more

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