About the Author

By either choice or chance you have found your way to the Blog of Darryll A DeCoster. Husband, Father, Marine Corps Veteran, Photographer, Designer, Web Geek and Cyclist.

I’ve done a lot of things during the last fifty years. I’ve lived in every section of the United states: Michigan, Florida, Oregon, California, Pennsylvania and back to Oregon. I moved back to the Pacific Northwest because I love the landscape. Having the Columbia River Gorge as my playground has allowed me to explore many amazing places – usually with a film camera in tow.

I’ve spent most of my career bending the Web to my will and building amazing applications, interfaces and websites both as a freelancer and in-house designer for large corporations. I’ve been lucky in work life. I’ve enjoyed my work immensely and have had the pleasure of working with many great people and have been allowed to do what I love and get paid for it.

Through all of this I’ve been blogging. I started as a fun experiment to make a simple XML driven blog out of Flash to just keep in touch with family and friends that were out West while I as back East. It grew organically from there and has taken on a few roles over the years.

Kid on the beach
Oregon Coast

I started blogging about the technologies that I used to do my work, then I used it as a way to help me (and hopefully others) deal with and navigate the waters of getting an organ transplant. I’ve had two of those now; I’m on my third liver.

Nowadays I mostly blog about photography, almost entirely focused on equipment since I am an avid collector. This has led me to some really strange and cool devices; all of which are getting featured here in some shape or another. This site in its final variation (most likely) focuses on photography and the tools and processes used to make photographs. If you’re interested in finding out what my photography is like you can follow me on Instagram and find me on Flickr.

So, okay, but what about Flogging English? The name stems from what the site is used for; blogging. And in general I don’t write like a reporter or a popular author, so it’s a reflection of my style I guess – whether that’s a compliment or not I’ll leave up to you to consider.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Low tide along the Oregon Coast