The Bronco is almost running again….

1967 Vord Bronco - and it's all mine!

Ya know, when I bought the damned thing it ran fine – made it all the way home from Philly with no problem – it was a long drive mind you – but we made it. Thanks to Jcal for driving the Jetta home.

Front of the 302 block on my BroncoAny way, so I start pissing around with the little stuff to get going, the doors and weatherstripping leak in some places, the bolts are stripped and/or rusty, I wanted to put the stock seats back in, etc…. Not to mention the bits that it needs to pass PA inspection – the steering had too much play, I need at least 2 new tires, the stinkin reverse light switch busted; that’s about it really.

Hi ho, hi ho… off to work I go….

A few weekends ago, I yanked the water pump to put a new one on, and check the bolts on the timing chain cover. Everything was fine until I reinstalled the water pump and the last bolt sheared! GAH! %$##! I didn’t even put a lot of pressure on it. So now I have to strip it down to the timing chain, and remove and reseal all of it, and get the busted bolt out. Luckily the bolt was sticking out about 1/2 inch from the block. Now I have the timing chain cover back on, cleaned and sealed, fresh paint on the harmonic dampener, and lower pulley.

With that all sealed up and cured, I can get to the water pump next. I have the ever popular Ford Blue on it as well, and a new Flex Fan to go where the super freaking heavy stock fan was.

Uncle Bob, Stay off my truck!

I also ran into a total Uncle Bobbed repair/adjustment on my Oil Pan. Some dodo decided to slop a bunch of crap all in the low oil tube, rather than buy the plug – so it looks like there is a bunch of brass slapped to the inside and outside. Looks like total crap. I started looking about for a new oil pan, and OMFG! They are expensive. Come to find out EB’s need a dual sump pan, and they range from $80 to $225 depending on what you get. Needless to say, with a fresh coat of paint – I am happy with my crap-tastic pan. It doesn’t leak – so I will replace it some other time.

Stock front seats in my 67 BroncoI finally reinstalled the stock front seats, leaving me close to the point of buying new tires for it. I really want to get it legal and on the road this summer, so I can get the soft top on it, and tool around with Ding & Dong in the Bronco – they enjoy it as much as I do, especially since they can both ride up front: no airbags in the 60’s – well, at least the kind you find in the dash of a truck.

I bought some hydraulic hood lifts from Tom’s Bronco Parts in Oregon, and they are awesome! So long to the 2×4 holding up the hood on this baby! I also bought some hood pins as well as a complete weatherstrip kit, and some new door latches and posts.

What’s next

I really need to get some new seat belts, a reverse light switch, new tires, the weatherstripping installed… what else? I want to get some body grommets to plug some extra holes, but I might just use some sheet rubber and 3M adhesive, then place the sound deadening/insulation down over it. I also have to get the cushion foam for the rear seat so I can get it back together and installed.

Eventually I want to get a new distributor, electronic ignition, replace the wiring harness, sweet set of 18" rims on it, new paint, good stereo, new dash and guages, carpet, the list is endless…. But that’s why it’s a project.

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