A few shots of the Bronco

I’ve been slowly tearin into the Bronco, and going after some of the small stuff that doesn’t cost much to fix, so I thought I would plop up a couple of shots before it is changed too much. So far I have removed the front seats, moved a couple of switches, replaced the oil pressure and temp sending units and yanked out the auxillary fuel cell.

It’s still pretty stock, all things considered. It has an updated engine from a 78 Ford F-150 – up from a 289 to a 302.

I’ve budgeted myself to $100 bucks a month or less, and I have almost hit my mark already for October. Bought some wire and more stainless screws today – now I have to figure out how to get the lid off and hang it in the garage…..

As a side note, I added a category in delicious for my Bronco links, check it out.

Front of the beast
Side shot


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