Frogs and rock puppets by the Poop Factory

Bradford Poop FactoryDonovan and I decided to take a walk down by the raging Tuna (Tunungwant) this afternoon after dinner, and actually ended up walking about 2 miles or so. There is a trail that goes between Bolivar Ave and Tuna Crossing (where they finally rebuilt the bridge after 5 + years of it being closed), and since Donovan is completely in awe of this new bridge we had to go all the way down from one end to the other. Which brings us to the title.

The first thing we drift past was the Sewage Treatment plant, or as Donovan called it – The Bradford Poop Factory. It was in full swing today too, and it did indeed have the smell of churning poo. Mike Rowe would be proud. Donovan was also fascinated by the corkscrew type machine churning the water up an incline, the name of which escapes me. The best part about this facility is the two football field size plot of land right next to it. What a great piece of property – if only I had a lawn that nice, large and level.

Continuing on our journey we came across some really old oil well machinery, apparently still in use, mass amount of duck, birds and other various wetland creatures. On the way back, we stopped down by a really "cute baby river", and commenced chunkin’ rocks into the Tuna.

First thing we both noticed was rock pocking up that looked like a face, and right away it dawned on me that it looked like a sock puppet. Kinda funny. With so many rocks to throw the interest in this rock faded fast. We probably did that for another 20 minutes, and I built a small cairn in the baby creek. Since, if I see flat rocks, I have to pile them up. Well, either that or huck them into some random body of water.

As Donovan wanted a snack and a drive across the new bridge we got the hitch out of our giddy-up and made like a couple of trees.

We were making good time, even with the path hogs that decided we were so thin we must get out of their lumbering paths of doom – until the small hordes of really small frogs descended onto the path. Man are they small! I have no idea what kind of frog they are, but small indeed. the picture is of Donovan’s hand. I tried convincing him that the best way to keep one was with a picture, but he didn’t buy into that line of thinking – so now we have two baby frogs keeping his lizard happy on the porch.

It was a good walk, and I was surprised Donovan didn’t start squeaking by the end of it. At least this went well, because everything else I did today was a complete bust.

I tried getting the new door latches on the Bronco, and either they sent me the wrong ones, or they just flat out don’t fit for whatever reason – because they don’t work. they are wider, and the outside latch will not function with them in place. I did manage to get the hardtop off with John and Litsa’s help yesterday, and will get the soft top on this week – and hopefully figure out how to get the reverse light switch mounted, figure out why the passenger side tail light is not working right, figure out what the deal is with the damned door latches I have, and various other things in order to get it back on the road soon.

At least it’s running well, and the top is in good shape.

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