FITC Mobile 2009 | totally awesome in Toronto

I just returned home yesterday from the first ever FITC Mobile up in Toronto, and if I was still of the drinking persuasion, I would raise a pint to Shawn and all of the other amazing FITC staff and volunteers who makes these events so bloody awesome! Every one of the events I have attended … Read more

So what’s on your iPhone?

I’ve been pretty much joined at the hip with my iPod since I bought my first one back in 2005, I think that’s when I got it. Now that I have an iPod Touch and an iPhone, I have entirely too many apps loaded onto those two devices. In fact, I have 113 apps installed … Read more

Bayer Didget for Nintendo DS

In an attempt to step up and validate a gaming platform for real-word, Bayer develops the Didget Glucose Meter and tracking application for the Nintendo DS/DS Lite platform. The Didget is based on Glucoboy, which in fact is developed at Bayer by the same person who originally developed the Glucoboy for the Nintendo Gameboy. Paul … Read more

Xbox Natal – does it mean “not at all” real?

What seems like something that could be right out of every gamers fantasy, Microsoft has concocted the idea of hands free, body sensing gaming and put it to pixels on the project website. The videos portray several scenarios of advanced game play and interaction, and I’ll be the first to say that if they could … Read more

EA tries to kill Spore with insane DRM; or does it?

Everyone is jumping on the DRM bandwagon like it's the Last Train to Clarksville, and most seem to be getting it wrong. With all of the chatter on the web about about poorly implemented DRM, it's really just idiotic to implement as tight a reign on a product as EA has done with Spore. If … Read more

Getting my Wii online

I finally got off my but to get my Wii on my wifi, and had a little trouble. A quick Google Search revealed I wasn't the only one having trouble getting their device online using the built-in WiFi. As is the nature of all finely crafted error codes, this one on the Wii was just … Read more

Windows Vista – Still on the horizon

I’ve been working with Vista almost every day now for nearly 6 months and my impressions of the newest OS from Microsoft haven’t deviated much from my initial impressions. I continue to be plagued by problems and anomalies which seem to have no concrete origin. Where it works I particularly enjoy how it handles the … Read more

Gary Gygax: Roleplaying loses its father

Considered by many to be the Father of role playing, Gary Gygax was known and admired worldwide for the game that sparked movies, TV series, cartoons, hundreds of knock-off type games, convention centers full of people in garb, and probably more black eyes than any other person in the history of gaming. At the age … Read more

Portal: Intelligent gaming

One of my left coast friends, Kent turned me onto the game Portal – which is included in The Orange Box, which you should definitely go out and buy. The game is really fun and totally different from any other game I have ever played. Unlike most of what I spend my gaming time with, … Read more


Santa was extraordinarily good to the DeCoster family this year, and we woke to find a Nintendo Wii snuggled with care under the tree. I have read the reviews, watched people play, heard the media drone on about how they are being used, watched the prices on eBay go ridiculously high then back to normal, … Read more

Parallels, Vista and gaming on a Mac

I picked up a copy of Parallels a couple of weeks ago at the Apple Store up in Buffalo at Walden Galleria, so that I could play my PC games when I go left for Christmas. I was excited about getting Vista up and running and playing Halo 2 against my bro. The excitement soon … Read more

Windows Vista: not all that and a bag of chips

I decided to be a good little consumer and spontaneously bought Windows Vista Home Premium and… wait for it… Halo 2! Yup, I needed to get a n new OS to play part 2 of one of the best FPS games ever – and so I did. Let me tell you, what a great decision … Read more

Seriously good time waster; Line Rider

I was goofing around on the intarweb again today – oooh! I know, huge shocker…. Any way, I ran across this guys video on YouTube made with a little Flash app called Line Rider. He is apparently a Stargate Atlantis fan and he set his video to the theme of the show, and made dude … Read more

The Book of Deviants

This is another great micro-site. I found this after seeing another of the Scion Little Deviants commercial, and remembering to go and see what else they had out here to go along with this rather twisted little campaign they have themselves. So it’s a little creepy, and the Deviants are quite…. hungry? But it’s still … Read more

Sony marketing misses the mark in US

Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. LAME! This is the second time that Sony has arbitrarily decided that Americans are not vain enough to want various colors in their electronic products, and left the color variations to only Japanese consumers. First, they started offering the little pocket cameras like the DSC-T5 in only Black or Silver (with … Read more

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