Dylan and I play the WiiSanta was extraordinarily good to the DeCoster family this year, and we woke to find a Nintendo Wii snuggled with care under the tree. I have read the reviews, watched people play, heard the media drone on about how they are being used, watched the prices on eBay go ridiculously high then back to normal, and yet I was totally unprepared for how much fun playing it is.

I have found myself playing everyday either just in short burst or at length, but daily and usually multiple times throughout the day. Granted I am still on vacation, but it’s a lot of fun. Wii Sports is a great set of games and mini games with the training and fitness modes – so it provides a lot of variation considering it’s only really 5 games total. My favorites are bowling, boxing then baseball. I’m getting used to the golf game, but I don’t really like the tennis game much. Donovan is really good at the boxing and bowling games, while Dylan just like to drive over everything in Monster 4X4: World Circuit. This is a pretty good game too, and I like the fact that it came with a steering wheel, plus it’s not too hard right off the bat and it’s pretty easy to get into and start playing and have fun. We also bought Wii Play, which as it turns out, is my least favorite of the games we bought. To be fair, I have only played it for a very short amount of time, so it will be a good game for the kids – but I don’t think I will be playing it much.

AWe played for a good amount of time on Christmas day we all wondered how many times across America the exact same scene was unfolding, and judging by how difficult they are to get still; I would have to say hundreds of thousands of times. The Wal-mart in town (Bradford) hasn’t had them in stock for any length of time yet, they always seem to sell out the second they get them in. Granted, Bradford is not a big town, or a high volume type of community so they get very few – but the stores in Buffalo didn’t have any either, we finally found them out here in Oregon. We even got Grandpa in on the action, and he was kicking some serious rump at bowling, but unfortunately, I didn’t have a SD card in the console yet – so sadly there is no proof….

The only downside is that the games are very expensive, $50.00 each, so I will be doing research and renting the game before I go and buy anything. I bought Monster 4×4 on a whim and luckily, it worked out. We all have our own Mii’s and Donovan can’t seem to make up his mind to what he wants to look like, but he has a lot of fun playing it; and that’s the point.

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