I like it when Consumer Relations works for the customer

Oakley Juliet GlassesBack in 2001 I waltzed into River City Bicycles in Portland, and bought myself some swankin’ cool Oakley’s and sauntered out lookin’ just as cool as I am. After almost 7 years of nearly everyday use I finally decide to get them refurbished from Oakley. The only reason was the bridge gasket was getting loose and I was afraid they would fall off if I leaned forward too fast. Since I had actually only dropped them one time, and the lenses had no scratches in them at all – I didn’t really need new lenses.

After speaking with the Consumer Relations folks at Oakley, I arranged to get them fixed, and I decided to put new lenses since it wasn’t any more expensive in this case – the whole deal only cost me $50 bucks. So I sent them in just before we left on vacation.

After only 3 weeks, almost to the day (actually on the shy side), I received them back and I’ll be dipped if they aren’t almost as good as new. The bridge is as tight as they day I bought them, with new nose rubber and temple pieces. This is my second pair of glasses from Oakley, and the third pair in the family. I have always been a huge fan of Oakley, and this experience cements the fact – I will never buy another set of sunglasses unless they are made by Oakley.

It’s (unfortunately) not every day that you get to have such a great experience with a company, and I can’t say enough about this one. Oakley is a great company and a wonderful group of folks. Thank you for making the best damned sunglasses around!

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