Why developers suck more than Flash

Flash has always been an easy target. It doesn’t matter if you are still quoting Jacob Nielsen’s 10 year old shellacking on Alertbox, or if you just can’t get past the still (unfortunately) present skip intro button, Flash is the favorite whipping boy of the intarwebs. The reality of it is that Flash is a … Read more

Better rounded corners in Flash

This is probably the simplest thing in the world, but I still see the effects of it not being used all over the place, and honestly I’m still guilty of forgetting it sometimes too. You know the scenario, you’re building the coolest Flash project ever to grace the intarwebs, and it has rounded corners all … Read more

Camouflage pattern generator

I’ve been on a pretty good run the last several days as far as a creative streak at my day job. Working through several new designs for banners, product animations and wallpaper designs. One of these led to the idea of having a camouflage background to build on, but I couldn’t find a pattern I … Read more

Generating random grids in Flash

I started playing around with a random grid project the other week when I came across a desktop I really like that is comprised of a grid of randomly placed blocks with an image built into the grid made of lighter blocks. The desktop is over at Vlad Studios, and is still one of my … Read more

Perubique.com: The new design is finished!

At long last I have finally finished the design and Flash work for my new portfolio/freelance site – Perubique.com. I started working on it about 2 months ago (june 8th or so actually) now, so it has been a long time coming. So now I sit here, enjoying my IBC Black Cherry soda, basking in … Read more

Enhanced indexing for Flash – is it just what the Doctor ordered?

I have, in the past, written at some length about SEO tactics for Flash development, which now thanks to Adobe, Yahoo and Google has just gotten quite a bit more in-depth and practical. On the first of July Adobe released technology to Google and Yahoo to help them along with their crawlers to be able … Read more

Flash player 9 vulnerability

It has been reported that there is a code injection vulnerability in the latest version of the Adobe Flash player ( by researchers at the SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center and Symantec. The vulnerability could allow for remote code execution, and so far it seems like the in-the-wild results are redirects to one of three … Read more

2008 FITC follow-up

It's taken me a few days to decompress and restore to the organized chaos of my life. Okay, that's a sham – it's all chaos. I live for this type of interaction with ideas and people within the industry, even if I do utterly suck at interacting with groups of people where I don't know … Read more

Day 2: FITC hump day

I think maybe I had too many neurons firing over the day 1 activities because I woke up with a headache yesterday, and it really put a damper on things until about lunchtime. That's not to say I didn't have some good sessions though. Day TwoSession 1 was led by Seb Lee-Delisle from Plug-in Media … Read more

Hi ho, hi ho! Off to Toronto I go!

Tomorrow after lunch I am heading up to Toronto for the 2008 Flash in the Can. It's been 2 years since I went last, so it's overdue. I am excited beyond all recogmnition, in fact it will be a wonder how much sleep I will get tonight – kinda like Christmas Eve in fact. Toronto … Read more

Copy source code with JavaScript and Flash

My latest project to go into production is a retail targeted newsletter site designed to deliver content both on the site itself and, naturally, through a newsletter to the subscribed members. As a little background, the site has a custom-built CMS managing 90% of all of the content, including every issue of the newsletter and … Read more

Getting my feet wet with ActionScript 3.0

I know this post is about a day late and a dollar short, but I have been struggling with finding time and projects to get into ActionScript 3 for about a year now – and I have finally gotten into the swing of cramming it into my head. The hardest part is not the differences, … Read more

SEO – For Flash Freaks

I've talked about this before, and there is plenty of information out there meandering along the Super Highway – but a lot of people still seem to really miss the boat on this. Maybe it's as simple as they feel they don't have time, or that it won't really matter anyway; either case though, that's … Read more

Web banners are cool again with PointRoll

I know; you're like whatever! Banners aren't cool. They suck. They're annoying, the pop-up, pop-under, flash, blink, give you adware, and track how many times you change your boxers in a week… They're just evil right? That's why someone made those Flash blocking plug-ins for Firefox isn't it? Well, you're all wrong. I know everyone … Read more

Tracking Flash stats with Google Analytics

One of the first things deployed after developing a new website is some sort of stats tracking. The insights that can be gained from analyzing the performance and user metrics can be invaluable – so it would be a shame to drop a load of cash on a swankin’ Flash site to have the only … Read more

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