Better rounded corners in Flash

stroke-hintingThis is probably the simplest thing in the world, but I still see the effects of it not being used all over the place, and honestly I’m still guilty of forgetting it sometimes too.

You know the scenario, you’re building the coolest Flash project ever to grace the intarwebs, and it has rounded corners all over the place – because, well, rounded corners are cool. Duh!? Anyway…… You publish the file and the corners look like butt, and not just ordinary butt either – hairy Goat butt. ARRGGGGHHH! So what do you do? Check the little checkbox that says hinting, under the line properties.

This little feature simply places all of the line anchor points on whole pixels. Naturally you can do this manually if you are living in the past ( Flash MX I’m looking at you) by making sure all of the edges of your box are aligned to whole pixels, and manually entering in the coordinates. This way is better though, do it the easy way….

See? Told you it was simple.

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