What has your helmet done for you lately?

How often do you reflect upon things you have done in your past and wonder why you did them? How many times within those musings do you come up with a solid reason? Almost never? Cool, join the club. I’ve had a two-wheeled love affair with bikes since the day my Dad sent me down … Read more

Scars – what kind of stories do they tell?

I was noticing this the other day, and I sort of starting thinking about all of the scars that I have, how I got them, and what the story is behind them. I have a lot of them, I don’t think it’s any kind of record, but I seem to be littered with them. I … Read more

Windows Vista – Still on the horizon

I’ve been working with Vista almost every day now for nearly 6 months and my impressions of the newest OS from Microsoft haven’t deviated much from my initial impressions. I continue to be plagued by problems and anomalies which seem to have no concrete origin. Where it works I particularly enjoy how it handles the … Read more

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