So what’s on your iPhone?

I’ve been pretty much joined at the hip with my iPod since I bought my first one back in 2005, I think that’s when I got it. Now that I have an iPod Touch and an iPhone, I have entirely too many apps loaded onto those two devices. In fact, I have 113 apps installed on my iPhone. It’s actually kind of a shock now that I sit down and count them – holy crap! WTF?! That’s a lot. Granted I don’t use all of them an aweful lot, but the ones that top my list are:

  • Facebook
  • Evernote
  • Things
  • Gas Cubby
  • Fandango
  • What’s On?
  • DoodleJump
  • Fieldrunners
  • iFighter
  • FlightControl
  • Toki Tori
  • Pocket Gods
  • Oregon Trail

They way I look at apps is kinda like Pokemon cards – gotta catch em all! Not all of them are awesome, some are down right stupid. The dumbest of the dumb so far has to be the iGlowStick. Next up after that is the Coke App, Spin the Coke. I mean, I like playing spin the bottle as much as the next guy, but dude? Really? There doesn’t need to be an app for that.

I was goignt o collect up all the icons for my apps and post them here, but I am way too lazy to track them all down. So what’s on your mobile device? How many do you have, and how many do you actually use?

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