FITC Mobile 2009 | totally awesome in Toronto

I just returned home yesterday from the first ever FITC Mobile up in Toronto, and if I was still of the drinking persuasion, I would raise a pint to Shawn and all of the other amazing FITC staff and volunteers who makes these events so bloody awesome! Every one of the events I have attended from them is amazing. Flash in the Can is always my favorite, but they are all top notch. The David Carson workshop a couple years ago was brilliant.

I always come back from these things energized and ready to take on the world again with new ideas and exposure to all sorts of tools, designs, people, and technology that I hadn’t heard of knew little about. FITC Mobile was no exception. The top 3 for me were sitting in with Dom Sagolla, Brady Gilchrist, and of course, Colin Moock. The only real down side is figuring out how to make all (hell, I’d settle with one or two) of the things swimming around in my cranium become some semblance of a reality.

The coolest thing I learned about was MegaPhone. So basically, it’s a Flash built gaming engine that allows players to call in using a mobile or standard phone and play games against multiple players from any location. They have some great things going on, have some cool games and more information on their site. I would love to get something like this going at work.

Being a mobile conference, there were a lot of sessions on iPhone dev and marketing, but they ran the gamut from Blackberry, to Windows Mobile. One things that I will be using on my next app will be Titanium Mobile from appcelerator. Titanium Mobile allows you to build native iPhone and Android apps using HTML and JavaScript, and it looks really cool. Just the other day, a friend of mine Ryan, sent me a link to an article about using .NET to build iPhone apps.

So now I want to be able to build simultaneously to iPhone and Android, so I will need an Android phone. I also have ideas for about 6 more iPhone apps, a couple of web sites, and some other things as well. Great. Last time I checked I’m just one dude who already has a full-time gig. I guess I’m going to have to prioritize a few things.

Now if only I can figure out how to squirrel away another extra 3 or 4 hours in the day, I’ll be all set to make millions…..

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