Anonymous social networking with twanonymously

twanonymously-icon-medI’ve been playing around with social media for a while now, and I’ve been working on a couple of things that really didn’t amount to much when the idea of twanonymously was…. sort of presented to me. I say it that way by mere circumstance, when I came up with the plan to create a site allowing anyone to post whatever they want to twitter. It seemed like a natural extension of the opposing ideas which sites like and are working with. Obviously there are folks out there that like to let the world know that they wear their heart on their sleeve, so it would stand to reason that there are more folks that might be able to benefit from anonymity. So was born.

It’s fair to say the site is really a beta, but that is pretty much the Web 2.0 SOP isn’t it? it took me a fair bit longer to build it out that what I was anticipating too. Besides the revisions of the design of the site, I ran into issues with the posts from the API not being featured in the search, so they weren’t showing up with the feed listing tools that I starting using. I wound up using a twitter class built by David Billingham, and it works great. It’s super easy to use, and I’m hoping to get back into the site soon and get some upgrades going too.

I’m pretty jazzed about getting the site up and running. There is a standard and a mobile version, so I hope to have everyone covered. being a designer by trade, I’m not completely happy with the design yet, and I really need to get a better logo going, but right now that’s a little out of the realm of what I have time to sit down and bang out. Soon though. Although, I will say, if anyone wants to design a logo for the site I would be happy to take submissions and of course credit would be given.

The other thing I thinking of building is an iPhone and Android app for the site. I have been dying to use Titanium Mobile ever since I learned about it at FITC Mobile the other week, and this would be a good, small project to jump into it with. And naturally, it would be a free app on both platforms. I know a couple of folks that have HTC phones, so if you read this and are interested in doing some beta testing on that platform let me know, and that may help get me going on those apps.

At any rate, time to get posting!

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