Getting my Wii online

Minifig Wii playerI finally got off my but to get my Wii on my wifi, and had a little trouble. A quick Google Search revealed I wasn't the only one having trouble getting their device online using the built-in WiFi. As is the nature of all finely crafted error codes, this one on the Wii was just as ambiguously worthless as all those who came before it. What the hell is error code 51330?

After a few minutes of scanning through posts littered with folks whinning, I set out to see what Nintendo had to offer, and that's were I hit the jackpot. The part about half way down the page mentions g mode routers, which mine is. The page doesn't really mention the fix for me in this case but it was easy enough to devine from what is in this page. My D-Link DWL-2100AP is a Wireless G access point with Super G; the Super G turned out to be the culprit since it was not set to G only.

After initially dislodging my noggin to remember to add the MAC to my AP so I could assign it an IP address, this was actually pretty easy to fix and get the thing working. Now I just need to get together with one of my friends to play some online games. The weather and news is exciting and all; but I would rather trounce someone playing Mario Kart Wii….

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  1. WooHoo!! I’m hoping to be getting a Wii in the next few weeks. We;ll see if I can convince the wifey, and then let the trouncing begin! =)

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