I’m not a Lumberjack, but I play one on the weekends…..

lumberjackThis weekend I decided to break out the chainsaw and do some selective thinning of our personal forest, and downed 3 trees and about 100 saplings. Okay, maybe a bit less than 100 – but a lot of them just the same.

Since I have been watching Axe Men on Discovery Channel, I felt more than equipped to fell some timber. So, with my newfound knowledge in hand, and my trusty chainsaw in the other I set forth, and quickly discovered (as if I didn't already know), that a logger I am not. My notch cuts suck.They are not level, and probably way too deep, and really dangerous if I stop and think about it. Undaunted, I proceeded to get that tree and the other to the Earth safely and without incident. I have a couple of other trees in the back yard to get rid of, but they are far too tall for me to feel good about cutting myself. If they go wrong I could take out my house, the neighbors car and my fence – all bad options.

After getting a couple to the ground, I decided to make a post from one trunk to hold a mailbox at the garden to hold Litsa's tools, and may even make a bench of another. There are also two tall ones, as in like 50 feet tall, that are the same height and diameter that I am considering using to make a foundation for a shed. That one is still up for debate since the wife likes them. meh. We'll see I guess…..

It has been an excellent weekend, and plus it's my birthday tomorrow! w00t! w00t! So it's only going to get better.

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