Portal: Intelligent gaming

Portal - watching my self fallOne of my left coast friends, Kent turned me onto the game Portal – which is included in The Orange Box, which you should definitely go out and buy. The game is really fun and totally different from any other game I have ever played. Unlike most of what I spend my gaming time with, this is not a FPS, and fragging and gib have nothing to do with it – although it’s pretty easy to find yourself dead; a lot.

The screenshot posted is of me getting my achievement award for falling 35,000 feet or more. This could easily be seizure inducing, but basically you open a portal above you – then another directly below you, then enjoy the endless fall from ceiling to floor. The person below me in the shot is me. If you look up, you see yourself falling with you….

It’s a nice change of pace from the mind-numbing games I usually play to have something on my computer that actually encourages and requires thought in order to complete. There are other puzzle games I like to play, but this is by far the most unique, and has the coolest graphics.

Now for my 300 foot jump and I will be all set……

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