Time stops for 5 minutes at Grand Central Terminal

This last Saturday, the unthinkable happened at New York’s Grand Central Terminal: for 200 people time stood still for 5 minutes. Adding another awesome concept to their arsenal of successful missions, Improve Everywhere gathered up more than 200 folks to descend unto Grand Central and simultaneous freeze in place – a pose they all held for 5 minutes. Then, as quickly as it began it was over and the 200 were back on their daily routine. I would have to say this is the best one that I have seen so far.

You have to watch the video to do it justice.

One of the first things that came to mind was how incredibly cool it would have been to have been there, camera and tripod in hand. This would have made an amazing long exposure – a once in a lifetime shot in fact. To have 200 stationary people, will hundreds of others milling about them wondering just what in the name of Sam Hill is going on. It would have most certainly looked like the moving folks were all Zombies from 28 Days Later, or time had indeed stopped.

Some of the images they grabbed while the event was unfolding are good too….. It’s like a scene from Time Cop; only good.

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  1. That twer pretty neat. I wonder how close they were in starting and stopping since they were scattered all over…

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