The Book of Deviants

The Book of Deviants city scene

This is another great micro-site. I found this after seeing another of the Scion Little Deviants commercial, and remembering to go and see what else they had out here to go along with this rather twisted little campaign they have themselves. So it’s a little creepy, and the Deviants are quite…. hungry? But it’s still cool.

SheeplesThe graphics on the site are awesome, and the game, while short and quite easy – is still very well executed and developed. God I love Flash! There is quite a bit of meat to the site once you get into it and complete it. There is a link to another site, – which is pretty slick too. You also get to watch the commercial, as well as meet all of the different Deviants and see what they are exceedingly good at – hehehe.

Okay, so this isn’t a site my kids are going to frequent any time in this decade – but it’s an excellent site.

Scion is taking a pretty big risk here to isolate the demographic they are targeting with their cars. They have really toned down the print and tv ads, and gone for a more viral, web based approach to target folks like me and naturally 10 years younger too. What really gets me about that though, they missed their mark here in town. Almost all of the folks Scion xDdriving the Scions here in town are pensioners – not all mind you – but more than half. The XB and TC are the most popular here in BFD, there are only a few XAs lurking about. It occurs to me that they are seriously running the risk of alienating more people than they could attract with the Sheeples.

The new xD if damned sweet looking though, and if I didn’t have the Bronco (and quite frankly like it more than a Scion) I would seriously look at getting one of these, If only for the fact that their marketing ploy is unique and very cutting edge – plus, I’m not a Sheeple.

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