So long chain letters – hello chain money

Chain MoneyI guess this is the latest and greatest way to annoy your fellow man with the ever popular chain letter – chain money. I got this bill the other day from the rather slow chicks at Subway (and I do mean slow, that and the store was suspiciously empty of the usual retail offerings, no cookies, no pop in the cooler, etc…) after lunch.

It states simply that if  I pass 10 more bills with the phrase written on it that I will get good fortune bestowed upon me.

Actually it says:

St. Lazarus Anyone who receives this bill will be blessed with money if they rewrite this phrase on 10 other bills

Well, I don’t think I am going to go for it – but I will continue this one. Why? Because it’s at least unique. I have received so many chain letters and fake email about how Microsoft is tracking this email and will pay a billion dollars to everyone who forwards it to 10 people – yada yada yada.

I wonder how many folks believe this garbage though? There are plenty of people out the who believe crazy shite right? Maybe it’s less than they believe it, than they would like to believe it – sorta like playing the lottery on a spiritual and free level. Who knows. All I know is that I am glad I don’t get chain letters any more and I have been removed from spam lists of friends and relatives who deal in this bandwidth wasting past-time.

Besides, would a Saint really bestow money on someone for writing ambiguous phrases on bills? Maybe if your wrote it on every bill that came into your wallet for 50 years with no slip-ups. That might actually be worth it. It’s not like 10 bills could be considered in any way, shape, or form a sacrifice or self imposed hardship. Maybe if you are blind with no fingers – but for the average humanoid it’s not really an issue.

It also reminds of the bill tracking site Where’s George (now at 2.2), I have received several of these bills over the years – and now there are others; like mydollarbill. Just as useless, and just as goofy.

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