The running of the hose…..

Filling the pool with water - I thinkI broke out the pool today and we started filling it up, and as one could easily imagine – things went into crazyland on the express. The boys were running around slipping and falling flat, sometimes face first into 2 inches of water.

It’s always this way though. Especially since last year with Litsa and the boys off on the left coast for 3 weeks, we didn’t set up the pool at all.

Hopefully it stays nice and the pool isn’t ice cold all summer – but at this rate they don’t seem to mind. We have submarines, snorkles, goggles and all sorts of other toys that don’t get used without the pool up and full of the 1200 gallons of water. It’s crazy, this pool isn’t that big and I was surprised at what the actual volume is – which literally is something like 1200 gallons of water. I think….. Which is why it stays cold for so long.

I’m going to try and get some black hose to put in between the filter and pool to take advantage of some naturally heating – we’ll see how that works. The filter for the pool isn’t all that great – but hopefully it’s up to the task.

it’s at least going to be fun watching the crazies run around in the pool.

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