Toys, toys toys toys…..

I don’t know what to say… no, not true. I do.


I’ve been on a little spending spree as of late, of which I am the direct recipient of. w00t!

MacBook Pro

This thing is amazing! Flat out. Hands down the very best computer I have ever purchased, I would almost say that I like it more and that it exceeds my desktop, but it doesn’t. That would just be me being a mac fanboy – which I’m not. But it is sweet. If Windows machines were built to these sorts of standards, attention to detail; both within the OS and the actual construction of it, Apple would not have a dime to their name. Lucky for them (and me) they aren’t. Keep it up Dell, Gateway and Billy! Doin’ a great job.

I started out along this path a couple of months ago with my iBook, and it’s nice – but really slow for what I want to be able to do with it. I haven’t decided what I am going to do with it right now either, so I have two macs sitting on my desk, right next to my Windows box and my Ubuntu Server. I don’t have enough computers. At least I have one machine that I know to be stable, unlike both my Windows and Ubuntu machine. Ubuntu is stable enough, but I could easily hose it installing something at the command line – I’ve done it before, so it’s not out of the realm of possibilities. And we won’t even go into Windows. meh.

So I bought the Mac-Daddy 2.4 gHrz, with 2 gb of RAM, 160 gb hard drive and 15.4 in ch display. It’s a bit bigger than the iBook, but the extra real estate and power is worth it – and surprisingly enough, it’s not much (if any) heavier than the iBook. These things are crazy thin. I love it!

Silver Surfer movie displayHappy Fathers Day!

I just went to Best Buy and bought a DS Lite too (thank you Don & Donna for the gift card). hehehehehehe I’ve haven’t had a chance to crank it yet, I just got it home. Just now actually. I only bought two games, naturally one is the New Super Mario Brothers, and the other is one of the Brain Games. Which is, honestly, one of the reasons I wanted one. My short term recollection is fairly poor, and I want to see if I can work at getting better – hell, I’d be happy to be back to what I was before I started getting sick before my transplant.

The other reason I bought it is so Donovan could play it too. His Nintendo games will work in it, and we can get new games for the DS Lite for him to play rather than for the old Gameboy Advanced.

Ryan, Beth and I went and saw Silver Surfer today too, and it was great. The Regal Cinemas in Orchard Park is an awesome new thaeter and makes me not want to see shows in our little back-water theater any more. My bro and I had been there before, so I knew it was awesome – but it really makes me miss real movie theaters. They had this cool life-size display of the surfer too – so I had to go up see what’s what with Norin…. It isn’t that great of a picture, but the whole display was cool.

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