How do you know you live in BFE?

Well, I can tell you at least one way. It takes Verizon more than 3 days to get your phone cable fixed! I don’t know how many folks in our neck of the woods are living sans phone/DSL, but I haven’t had it since sometime last Sunday evening. – I’m not sure when. I woke with no phone. Dead. Nothing.

At first I thought it might be us, so when I came home from work Monday, I goofed around at our decidedly ancient phone junction, and no signal. I even licked my fingers and completed the circuit on the 2 metals screw posts that you use to connect the phone line to. Nope. Not even a tingle. WTF?

It’s funny though, I don’t really miss not having an internet connection. I do… but at the same time I don’t. It bugs me more when I want to look up info for some projects I want to start working on, but other than that – meh. It’s only been 3 days. The killer is no phone. No contact with anyone in the outside world after I get home. Since we don’t really get cell reception – it’s like, well…. living out in the middle of nowhere.

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