The Bronco is BACK!!!!

[b]OMG!!!![/b] This has got to be the most beautiful machine on the planet! I love Ford! I love Ford! [url=][img][/img][/url] I LOVE FORD! That being said, if they don’t make this thing… they die…. The Ford Bronco concept unleashed upon the unsuspection truck market recently is nothing short of a good ol’ fashion truck! Big fat tires, big arse engine, but not too big mind you, around 215 horses… And enough attitude to scare the crap out of the H2 ( which by all accounts is NOT a Hummer… it’s a freakin’ Chevy). Take a look… I even mage a desktop to match! I know, I know…. Geek! But so! It’s a cool truck… nay not truck… BRONCO! Yeah Baby! YEAH!!!!

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