The Last Mimzy 

The Last Mimzy

This is an awesome website with a ton of functionality. I can't count how many movie sites I have been to recently that look nice and do nothing, it's like The Wreckers song:

Stand still and look pretty

Heres to hoping that the movie doesn't fall short of the impression that the website has left me with.

You can make Flash widgets, that they then provide you the code to embed them into your site if you want, it's pretty slick. They have some very nice progress bar integrations, animations as well as a well thought out navigation system which fits into the overall theme of the movie quite nicely.

I created a timer to my 10th Anniversary and some weird-arse sound thingy. They're both pretty slick. Easy to use, and can be created (in the case of the sound file) in a variaty of ways.There is a lot more to explore here too, so go crazy! Inabbed the code:

Continuum Clock

Aural Signature

It's interesting too, since I started seeing information and previews for this movie I have started seeing more articles and topics on the Space/Time Continuum, Time Travel and Quantum Theory pop up than I have in a while. Sure, geeks will be geeks – and scientists really aren't any different. And I suppose, if I were overly pragmatic I could surmise that if the public interest in these areas of Science grows, then so too would the funding thus explaining the sudden appearances of studies and articles. But I don't think I'm going to make that connection….

This spring/summer looks to be a good time at the movies. See you there! 

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