Transformers Animated invade the kids room

Transformers Animated PaintingSince Litsa and the boys took off the other week to go galavanting along the left coast leaving me here to enjoy the bliss of working, I decided on a whim to paint a mural in their bedroom of the Transformers Animated poster. When it's completed, it will be almost 3 feet in diameter. It has been quite a lot of work, and if I were honest I would say that it has turned out to be a bit more work than what I was expecting – not sure why though. This isn't the first time I have painted something this large, but since it has been quite a while, I must be suffering from selective memory loss.

I have about 6 hours into it now, maybe 7 or 8 actually – I don't know. But it's just about done at this point, and actually the photo here is a bit behind the power curve on the progress – not much, but some. I now have all of the outlines finished.

Initially I was going to make it larger, and boy am I glad I didn't do anything crazy like that! I would never be able to finish in time, since they come home Wednesday. I still may not be completely finished, but it will be really close. I have also discovered that any aspirations of becoming a painter late in life are a pipe dream at best. My hands are not even close to being as steady as they once were, and it's 10 times worse will painting rather than drawing. That's part of the reason why I ahven't completed more of it sooner – I get frustrated at my hands starting to shake and it makes really difficult to make a thin straight line when your hand is flopping around like it has happy feet.

Check out the photo stream of progress on my flickr site too while you're at it….

Maybe since I have some wall space left, I will paint a bigger Optimus and maybe Bumble Bee too. I always liked Spike over all the others…..

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