Da na na na na na na naaaaaa… Batman!

Dylan as the Bat!Okay, so the cheesy grin harkens back to the Val Kilmer days of Batman, but so what. Thanks Grandma for the Batman PJs, as you can see they are a hit. Well almost 100%.

For some strange reason Dylan starts to get upset if you do the dananananananananana Batman… thing from the old cornball TV series with Adam West.







2 thoughts on “Da na na na na na na naaaaaa… Batman!”

  1. HA! He’s so cute… So are you guys out commiting crimes for him to fight? Maybe he gets upset ’cause he thinks you are praising the fake Batman instead of him 😉

  2. He got pissed too when I took the cape off to put him to bed, well as pissed as a 2 year gets when he’s half asleep – so back on it went – and then the Dark Knight faded into sleepy land……

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