Apple takes aim at your life – and you like it!

the new and way small iPod ShuffleAll Apple/Mac fanboy garbage aside, it’s pretty simple to see that Apple wants to assimilate you into the collective. They are launching more lifestyle oriented products from their California based technological trebuchet than Tiger Directs spam engine.

Announced today:

Steve is going ape-shit. I mean really – dude… knock it off. You’re making everyone else look bad. I mean, what is Microsoft doing? Releasing Windows Vista? Yeah. It’s late, expensive, and chock full of enhanced Windows XP goodness. So tell me Bill, why do I want to shell out up to $400 duckettes for a new OS? Oh yeah. I don’t. Thanks for the beta though.

This is the reason I both hate and love Apple. I love my iPod. Love… it….! It rocks. I take it every where, and now its cousin, my PSP, tags along for the ride. I’ve used other MP3 players too, and the iPod kicks all of their butts. The Archos I had was a POS. The UI sucked, and no one put any effort into the functionality. I hate them because they obsolete things faster than Ikea. I just bought the wife a Shuffle, and wamo! Now there’s a new one out that is smaller and way cooler. She likes hers though, and would probably lose the new one (her words, not mine).

It’s not enough to just have movies on your computer and your iPod, you also have to be able to watch them on your television and get them there easily.

Apples iTVI have to agree with that statement whole heartedly. With the announcement of iTVs release in 2007, this will complete the circle of my digital fetish. I most likely will stop buying DVDs completely, and opt for the digital format of movies. With its small size, Wifi streaming capabilities and built-in iTunes based functionality, the iTV looks to be a better solution than Windows Media Center. It’s insanely small, and even if you have a Mac Mini right next to it, under it; whatever, it is still a small shadow of even the most compact PC that is readily available for less than $1,000.

The movies release is a bit of a disappointment. They don’t have all that many movies just yet, and only a couple I would buy. The price of $10 bucks is right, and Sony could learn a thing or two from them. No one buys movies for the PSP because they are the same friggin’ price as a DVD – WTF? That’s dumb. But 10 bucks, that’s what I would/will spend for movies in this format. It’s what i would expect to pay for them. Not full DVD retail. They should have launched the movies with The Matrix and Office Space for starters. To their credit, they do have The Rock, Tombstone, Hitchhikers Guide, O’ Brother, Where Art Thou? and some other good ones. I’m not too critical since I know they will get more folks on board and more movies too – I wonder if they are going to get any from Sony Pictures?

I’m still a bit skeptical, since no one has been able to get the whole kit-and-caboodle right yet, but if I had to hedge my bets; Apple is going to be able to do it.

Any way. Enough pontificating. I’m off to iTunes to download Tetris for my iPod.

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  1. I have get to get on the Apple train, I am just too lazy me thinks. Though they sure do have a lot of neat stuff. I will have to look into this iTV thingy, it just may be the thing that gets me over there. And Bill ain’t doin’ shit, though he still is gettin’ more done than the whitehouse! 😀

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