Just when I was about to scream foul….

I was just flippin’ through an issue of Computer Gaming World thinking that it was just lame. Wondering exactly what force of nature made me think it was a good idea to shell out some cash on this worthless scrap pile of paper and ink….

Then I was reminded.

Reading Gaming for Dummies by Jeff Green. Hits the nail right on the head for how I game:

Yes, I know Mr Ubergamer. You’re a tough guy. You think the "normal" mode on most games is for wimps and n00bs. You can beat the hardest mode in every game in 30 minutes while standing on your head, blindfolded, and with both hands tied behind your back. Great. Call the circus. Perhaps the bearded lady will find you hot.
But if you think you represent the gamer norm, I have important news for you; You’re a moron. Most gamers I know play in "easy" mode most of the time. And if they get stuck? They cheat. Because most people who play games just want a little fun and diversion.

This is perfect. That’s how and why I play computer games (well that, and to lay a smack-down on me Bro). Admittedly I have been slacking on the game front lately, especially since I picked up a PSP, it holds the majority of my gaming attention these days. Games are frustrating enough, that I don’t need to go into cardiac arrest 4 times a day just because some uber-strogg just gutted me with his spiky elbow 15 times running, and the game resets me to a whole whoppin’ 25 health points after every glorious slaying.

Back to what I was going to get at – it seems like games anymore are either just stupid kill everything in site, or some kind of online fetish, fantasy, role-playing game with hot chicks with large knockers. Like this section of a wallpaper from the new game Hero. This might be a really cool game, but I don’t even really care. I just don’t get my jollies by looking at, or choosing my "character" to be some 3D floozy. Yay! I’m not 12 any more….

There are still excellent games around, and new ones are on the way – but it seems there is a definite trend towards this kind of garbage, and that’s not even getting into games like 3Feel – virtual porn. And no, I’m not linking to the site. Tough. It’s in Korean anyway… not that I would know. So what games do I play? Currently:

  • Battlefield 2
  • Quake 4
  • Hot Shots Golf (PSP)

That’s the top 3. I am really looking forward to Spore, and very interested in Prey (ooohhh.. they have a demo….). Team Fortress 2 (engine developed at Valve) looks interesting, but I will most likely never get into it.

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