Split tree soup

The split treeI decided we all needed to get out of the house and take spin around the local reservoir – and about 1/2 way around, we came upon an obstacle. Not just any ordinary obstacle either. It’s not all that uncommon for a tree to get toppled by a wind storm, especially some of the 50th growth lumber passing itself off as a forest in these parts – but for a tree to fall perfectly inline with another tree as to split the falling tree down the center? This is news to me.

It was a pretty damned large tree too – I would have to guess it was something like 45 – 60 feet tall, and the split seemed to be around half the length of the tree. It was a large tree for these parts as well, probably 3 (+/-) feet in diameter.

Litsa as the Dyaln taxiIt was a good day for a walk. We just finished polishing off the tree with some more ornaments – and were about to go insane because the boys are so bloody excited about Santa. Fairly warm too, considering we are a week from Christmas, it was around 54 degrees and just a bit overcast. So all in all, a nice day. Yesterday was awesome though….
Dylan had fun running around with sticks flailing about making train noises, and Donovan just walked around carrying my GPS, looking at the compass.

One of these days I’m going to have to take him Geocaching and see what he thinks of that….

It was interesting too, we sat on a bench by the empty reservoir (since they are fixing the overflow channel and a leak), and the drain where the water was going through was making this low grumbling sound that was just like the drain on our bathtub. The water would drain, gurgling up bubbles as it went; then the gap would fill to the overflow point, and it started gorgling and gurgling again. Just like our bathtub when it gets emptied. Funny.

Hopefully though, when it comes time to redo our bathroom – it doesn’t take 8 months, 15 tons of concrete, 2 bulldozers and 3 backhoes to get it done.

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