Nikon D80 – it’s mine and you can’t have it!

I finally sold enough stuff on eBay to allow me to get a Digital SLR, and at the prompting (and quite excellent advice, I must say) of a friend at Pro Photo Supply in Portland, this is what I shelled out all my duckettes for.

Nikon D80

It’s bold and big – just like the text. It acts just like the Nikon 35mm SLR we have had for almost a decade now, and the resolution is quite insane. With a 10 million pixel image size, this thing is capable of picking up a thumb print on a Propel bottle – and I have the picture top prove it. Well, had… I promptly deleted it, because…. well, who cares? It’s not going to win any awards – just me goofin’ around.

I can’t wait to really get my teeth wet with this hot babe. I ditched the Coolpix 8700, and someone got a really good deal too. Man I hate digital things, but I love them so. Those love/hate relations rarely work out to be in my favor – but that ain’t stoppin’ me: now way, no how!

Keep an eye out on Flickr for some shots from my new camera, and be sure to make not that I will come back from Puerto Rico with many images with from the thing above.

Well, as long as I can get by the gaggle of Stikfas Ninjas that are guarding it.

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