Everyone say hello to Lefty

Lefty the curious boyDylan is currently slightly handicapped due to the fact that he hacked his hand a bit. Unfortunately it’s his right hand too – but it’s not too bad – it only needed 5 stitches.

Another one for the life lessons book, don’t play with knives – especially sharp as hell carving knives. So now he gets to have his hand wrapped up, and it makes it a bit hard for him to be his usual thieving self, so he’s a bit slower on the pilfer and go front any way. It happened a few days ago now, and I’m not sure when the stitches come out.

I did the same thing when I was a kid, although it was on my thumb, and I don’t think I needed stitches.

Lesson learned.

2 thoughts on “Everyone say hello to Lefty”

  1. I remember cutting myself on one of my grandfather’s pocket knives when I was about Dylan’s age. Of course I was told not to play with the knives, but that didn’t stop me.

    As a side note, my grandfather preferred Case knives and carried one for as long as I can remember.

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