Sci-fi Banana fruit

Kiwiano Mellon

The other day at the Grocery Store, Donovan saw this poised defiantly on the shelf and wanted to try it – so, being the ever-adventurous Papa I am – said:

Sure, what the heck – it’s only $4 bucks

Any way, so we get this edible puffer fish looking thing home, dice it up, plop on a plate and giver er’ a whirl.  Mmmmmmm… tastes like a citrus banana fruit. Whole lotta show – not a lotta go. I was a bit disappointed for how goony it looks, I figured something that looks as unique as this thing should have a bit more of a unique flavor – not taste like a banana.

To top it all off, Donovan wouldn’t even try it once he saw how green it was on the inside. Figures eh? Dylan wasn’t going for it either. I guess I will just have to take it work and eat it for lunch – freak out the yokles…..

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