Zune player available today – let the idiocy ensue

Is Zune really orgasmic? Or just plain painful?I was going to open with a beautiful product shot of the electro-turd itself (turd only because the Brown color, which I would probably buy – but it is kinda ugly), maybe even in action, but after reading an article and seeing this photo on flickr, I decided that this was meant to be.

What’s this chicks deal? I get the error screen, and she’s writhing in pain? WTF? I particularly like the notes on the flickr post. hehehe…..

So there’s lots of good stuff on the Zune site, but don‘t download the Theme. Now to be fair, it is probably due to the fact that I have WindowBlinds installed; but it dorked my puter’ hard! Aced explorer, jacked my theme straight in the pooper, and made it real hard to even restart my aging desktop. So I would recommend not installing it, I mean it looked cool – but it didn’t do my desktop any favors.

I was readin’ Digg earlier and it was pretty much what I expected. A bunch of Apple fanboy’s slaggin’ the Zune and poppin’ off to the Microsoft fanboys who in turn start slaggin’ the iPod and poppin’ off to the Apple fanboys. Wash, rinse, repeat. That’s the kind of crap that makes me read Digg only once or twice a week anymore. Worthless articles with no intrinsic value get to the homepage, and folks just use the comments as a platform for spouting off innaccurate and juvenile quips about how whatever they like is better that what is covered int he article. Generally having very little or nothing to do with reality or the overall quality of the article/product they are bashing.

The Zune player isn’t going to kill the iPod, although one would hope it will give Apple some badly needed competition in the market.

And what’s up with this shot too while I am thinking of it? Last time I checked my feet don’t really have anything to do with playing my iPod – so what are they trying to sell me on with this shot? Dunno…. Interesting marketing anyway – seems like they learned more than just UI design from Apple….

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  1. Well sure, you know because if you show it in an ad, then you must be a kind, fun, and of course, racially/ethnically diverse company, ergo, all of your products would appeal to that same kind, fun, diverse group of people… right?

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