My son is the Cthulhu for the Lego-verse

CthulhuMy youngest son, who just turned 4 not too long ago – has evolved into the official Cthulhu for the Lego Universe. Just replace the victims on this shot of a Vinyl toy available from Brand Fury, with minifigs – and it’s spot on. I got him a couple more little Lego trains for his Birthday, since my Dad send some dough, and inside of 10 minutes they were frankenlegos, or disassembled or missing parts.

Couple this with the 4 minifigs who are handless on both arms, or just one and you have widespread chaos and destruction the likes of which our ginormous bag of Lego’s has not seen before.

All of this mayhem not withstanding, he really does enjoy himself playing with trains and Legos, but now that he has trains that are Legos – he’s a happy camper. Naturally, being 4, his attention span lasts for about one trip around the fish bowl, so he moves on to the Brio trains or transformers quickly. Especially after he disembowels the helpless little Legos, and after they are no longer recognizable – I think he sorta just blows them off.

Speaking of the Brio trains too, they have a couple new bits to add to the regular wooden toys. The smart track, and the Network train toys are pretty sweet, and I think we might have to get some and give them a shot.

The Smart Track trains and track pieces can effect the play experience by adding bits to the tracks. You can control the speed, stop and make an engine blow its whistle by placing little signs next to the smart tracks. They have a station, repair shack and starter kit along with a few add-ons.

The Network series is based on the computers, this is what is says on their website:

BRIO Network is not your classic toy train set. It.s an original world of Rail Play featuring the imaginary creatures who live inside your computer. They drive super-cool vehicles around wooden train tracks. They can listen to their messages and interact in fun, new ways. Though the networkers are inspired by the computer world, you do not need a computer to play with them.

They have a good selection of accessories and kits for this series – which is pretty cool. With email, viruses, trash bins, firewall guy, and a few others. This is pretty well thought out and could be a cool way to get the oldest terror back in to playing trains again – hopefully in a nice way, with his younger brother…..

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