Primanti Brothers – definately not worth the drive

March 2008 Steaming Pile of Poo award winners - The Primanti BrothersAfter almost two years of people telling us we need to go to Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh because they have the best sandwiches in Pittsburgh, we finally went there for dinner yesterday. The experience was an astounding let down. It’s like when movie studios over-hype a movie to the point to where when you finally see it, the best parts were the previews… Well the best part of this place was the reputation; because the food was horrible. So they get the first Steaming Pile of Poo award for 2008.

We cruised over to the Southside Friday night, since I didn’t have to be a guest at che-UPMC overnight, and decided to see what all the hype was about. My first impression; I was surprised the place was such a dive – but that’s usually okay. Some of the best places I have eaten in Florida are serious dives. Once I got my  Pitts-burg Cheese Steak, it was like a squashed slab of processed meat sandwiched between some pseudo homemade bread. It was only sorta warm, and very bland. It wasn’t large at all – nothing like what everyone said they were. Just an ordinary sandwich that was chock full of fatty goodness. Honestly, I could make a better smamich with my wife’s Sheepherder’s bread, some steakumms and provolone cheese.

There’s not much more to say – but if that’s the best Pittsburgh has to offer… then it’s no wonder people left town.

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  1. I see no steam on that there pile of poo… but I guess it is fitting since there was none comin off yer samich either! 😉

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