Imperial Troopers lose major battle on Lamintooie

Disembodied Imperial trooper minifigsIn a fierce battle which raged between Fairly Odd Parents and the final showing of Sponge Bob, three Imperial Troopers gave their lives to uphold the balance of power on Lamintooie.

It’s really discouraging to see such carnage wrought by a fun-loving 3 year old. I’m not exactly why it is so much fun to pull the heads, legs, and even rend hands from limbs of these poor, defenseless minifigs. One Trooper is now disabled as he has permanently lost the use of his left hand. Which is slightly better than one of his not-so-lucky Fire Fighter buddies, who no longer has any hands at all.

I set out to build some cool Lego vehicles with the boys this evening before the enduring struggle of bed time ensued, and Dylan proceeded to dismember 2 of these hapless souls before I stopped him. Luckily he only removed the hands from one – and I recovered one hand thus far. He’s a strange little beasty – he has done this repeatedly, and I’m not sure why it’s so much fun. I never really got into destroying my toys until I got my hands on some Black Cat fire crackers in the 8th grade. The it was all over but the crying, at least for my GI Joe and Star Wars dudes.

Oh well. Survival of the fittest.

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