Another day in the neighborhood

They’ve poisoned the watering hole!
There's a little bug in my water....

We were outside eating dinner tonight since it was such a gorgeous afternoon – and I managed to catch this just before Donovan shoved his water at me asking why there was a little bug in it and could I see it. I’m not sure how high the temperature finally topped out around, but it was nice! I am hoping for more of the same for some time now – and if I am lucky, we will get the pool out this year.

I already broke in the hammock for the year, and the kids and I had a good swing/lounge session on Saturday afternoon for about an hour.

There goes the neighborhood

Road machinery

Construction crews were running up and down the street today tearing the hell out of the shoulder on our side of the road. They ran a trencher which cut a swath 6 inches deep by two feet wide, swept it, flattened it, sprayed and then paved it. they were working all afternoon and until about 8pm from what I could tell.

This is the real reason the kids were outside, and why I had the camera. They were enthralled by all the equipment, and Dylan kept yelling hi to all the guys and dump trucks – especially the orange ones. I am fairly amazed with the speed at which they progressed, they passed out house and were a quarter mile down the road in about 20 minutes – that thing chews up asphalt and rock like nobody’s business. I took a few more shots, but that one pretty well sums it all up.

I have to say I am glad though they didn’t leave the 6 inch deep trench in front of our house.

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