Spidey Rules; other peoples kids do not….

SpidermanLitsa and I just got back from Spiderman 3 and I have to say it was another excellent job by Sam. Yeah, Bruce was good too….

The movie was great, I really enjoyed it. The introduction of Sandman and Venom were quite well down, and inserted nicely into the storyline which was jam-packed. I was a little concerned that they were trying to get too much into the 3rd movie, but it all was very well executed.

No spoilers here. Just go see it.

For your sake I hope you get around 90% less retarded, inconsiderate ill-mannered teenagers in your show than I did. Holy crap! I’m thinking these kids actually need to be taught how to behave. I know, I know – kids will be kids… BS! I never acted like that in a movie. Ever! Why the hell would you spend $8 bucks to see a movie to sit and jabber like an idiot through the whole thing? Girls I can almost understand – I mean it’s a genetic thing, girls can’t help but yap about goofy stuff all the time. So they get a bit more of a free pass.

This is the exact reason I get to a point where I hate going to movies on opening night. The tards yap all the time, kick your seat, and just generally be annoying twats from beginning to end.

Back to Spidey.

There was a bit more story this time around, and the pace is variable, keeping time to what is developing. I can’t really get into it too much, as it still chaps my arse about the blithering tossers around us – very annoying. I enjoyed the movie, the characters, and yes, the fight scenes were literally kick butt!

Again. Just go see it! Now I’m going to bed – it’s past my bed time and I’m startin’ to feel a bit like a pumpkin…..

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