Photoshop can teach you a new trick every day

I was stopped by a co-worker today, Donny asking me about a Photoshop tool – the lasso. What he was wondering if there was a way to undo a stop in the selection path when holding the <alt> key to make a straight line selection. I hadn’t ever heard of one and I have been working in Photoshop a while now. The discussion then moved to the polygonal selection tool. You know, the one that isn’t quite the pen tool but a close variation.

As it turns out there is a way to undo the previous selection points in the polygonal path, just hit the <delete> key once for every point you wish to regress. Good find Donny! This is a useful tip – although I prefer the pen tool and creating selections with paths over the lasso, magic wand, etc… I can immediately think of a couple of times where I could have used this to make my life a bit easier.

Photoshop CS3

Photoshop CS3I have my copy of CS3 studio on order, and hopefully will receive it soon – as I am very impatient. I am very excited about the new features within the Adobe Web Suite, especially the new interactions between Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. It has been a long time coming for Flash to be able to import PSD files, and have native support for copying and pasting between these applications.

It has been a long time coming for these features, I can’t count the number of times I would liked to been able to copy directly from Photoshop and not lose something in the translation – Illustrator was far worse.

Being able to import PSDs (into Flash) while preserving the layers is huge! Which is precisely why I am totally amped about getting it…..

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