My new friends: OS X, HP, iCal & Google

Meet my new friendsI have been playing around with a bunch of news toys lately, and I have really become attached to my little iBook. OS X is sweet, it’s a fun little diversion from windows. My latest things is handheld devices, and designing the web to fit them.

It is quite astounding really how many sites completely ignore what handhelds are good for, and very succinctly rendering the site totally useless on many handhelds. So what would any self-respecting web geek do? Yup! I went and bought one so I could become a master at the mobile web platform. Very Zen isn’t it? NO? I didn’t think so either.

HP iPaq RX4240

This is the coolest thing since sliced bread. No really, this little chunker is awesome! It’s about the size of my iPod (had it wintered well), and surfs the web, send email, and will easily connect to any WiFi source it can detect.

Where this all really ties together is that I found an app online that will allow me to sync the iPaq to iCal. Using The Missing Sync, I can avoid installing Outlook on my home desktop altogether. Which I like since the copy of Outlook that came with the iPaq is old, like Outlook 2002 old. meh. losers…..

Making the cogs turn

Fitting it all together is a piece of cake. Google Calendar has a feed that will allow you to subscribe to that calendar using iCal. This is awesome since the feature is built right in. No hax0r required. You simply add your appts, dates, whatevers to google, sync to iCal and connect your pDA – and w00t! w00t! It’s a ménage à trois of technological goodness. All without setting foot in Outlook. Well, almost – Outlook mobile is the viewer on the iPaq – but I can live with it.

2 thoughts on “My new friends: OS X, HP, iCal & Google”

  1. Excellent to hear. I hoped that this would work, but hadn’t had the time to try it all out. I have a Treo 650 and use missing sync, but have been pretty much ignoring the calendar stuff. So events you enter in Google calendar will sync to your Mac? That’s what would make it a score for me.

  2. yup sure do. You can even select how often the subscribed calendar will update in iCal. I’m stoked.

    My iPaq follows me around now, it tells me when to take my meds (which is important), and all sorts of useless stuff too. It even came in handy at work today….

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