the iPaq RX-4240 ~ h4xx0r companion

Driving home from work today I stumbled on to a lot of somethings that made me laugh out loud over the beeping of my little friend. I decided to drop some tunes on my iPaq Media Companion so I could see how it worked with my ever-so-high tech tape deck player – and what to my wondering wifi should appear? No less than 7 unsecured wireless networks just along my 5 mile route home (there were a couple/three secured ones too).

I know, so freakin’ what! That’s not all that many. But it is oh nay-sayer! You see, I live in a town of around 7,000, and to have that many open networks along a 5 mile route is pretty remarkable. What’s more, that my little HP could pick them up and yalp at me whilst I wizz by at 40 mph – is pretty damned astounding. I’m excited!

I’ve been wanting to do some War Driving – and now I have laptop again, and apparently a pretty good wifi sleuthing tool, I think I shall! I may even start a map showing where all of the networks are. hehehehe….. I probably should take this opportunity to make it clear that I have no intention of trying to hack any ones network for ill-effect. Purely geeky fun, so if you’re thinking of getting po’ed at me for what I just said…. don’t.

Any way, the music that this things pumps out is pretty rockin’. I was expecting to have to crank the deck way up in order to get good sound, but I didn’t – quite the opposite. I had to turn the volume down on Media Player, and then adjust my deck accordingly. Even the microscopic onboard speaker has decent sound quality – I expected to be like a PC speaker of the olden days, but avast! The sound came pouring out in good definition. This iPaq is a sweet little gadget – and I really like it. I just downloaded Flash Lite for it, and I am installing right now in fact – well, not right, right now – but you gets the drift.

If anyone is looking for a good all around PDA, that is easy to use, easy to carry; the HP RX4240 is your PDA. It’s relatively inexpensive, and is fairly feature rich for the low cost. $259 at

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