Too many Dylans….

I’ve seen a few people doing really great work with duplicating themselves photographically on Flickr, so I decided to give it a shot with the 2 crazies this morning. Dylan’s shot turned a ton better than Donovan’s, but he’s smaller and fits better in the frame of the couch. I will have to play this … Read more

Large Format Copal Sizes

Every time I go to sell a lens board, it’s like every time I go to Home Depot to buy wood: it’s never labeled. So I wind up Googling the world to figure out what size the damned hole is. Now, once and for the problem is solved. For anyone who has the same problem … Read more

High Dynamic Range photography – HDR

I started playing around with HDR photography a bit, and it’s interesting what gets picked up and some of the tools that interface with Photoshop. It’s pretty flippin cool. The image shot here on the right, was made up from 5 separate images, shot at 1 stop intervals from 0. I did not use the … Read more

Flickr takes over the world

Well, okay maybe not really – but it will be the recipient of all of my photos for my blog gallery from now on. I like the gallery software that I installed here, and in fact, if I cared at all if folks viewed the images on my site or on Flickr, I might actually … Read more

Epson RD 1 – I’ve never wanted anything more….

Digital technology, analog heart This camera is a thing of unparalleled beauty. Epson has created probably the single most desirable Digital Camera on the face of the planet. The RD1 boasts a 6.1mp (6 MP: 3,008 x 2,000 pixels (12-bit RAW, JPEG EXIF 2.21)) resolution and features found only on traditional range finder cameras. The … Read more

The good ol’ days…

t’s funny what goes through your mind at times isn’t it? How time always makes some things seem like they were just the bee’s knees. Take, for instance, February in Oregon. More specifically, a cold, rainy, dark, sunless day wading through thigh deep water (that is swiftly moving by the way) with run-off smacking you in the grape, all the while trying to find a picture in the madness of being trapped in a 30ft wide, 250ft tall box canyon. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

Desktop Earth wallpaper generator

This is pretty damned amazing! Go to and check Desktop Earth. Do it! NOW! It’s pretty cool. Unbelievable actually. The quality and sharpness of the image it generates is outstanding, and the fact that you can select which region to center on, and select the day and time to generate the desktop image… well … Read more

New photo gallery

I added a n new Dynamic Photo Gallery to help me keep up to date with all the photos of the kids, so check it out. Flogging English Photo Gallery You can do a ton of stuff here, and you must have my permission to log in/register. It’s pretty sweet. You can comment, rate it, … Read more

Getting back to photography…

Just yesterday I was a guest speaker for a local Photography club, the Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Club; and I covered a basic intro to Large Format Photography. It was an interesting and enjoyable experience, I met some very nice folks, excellent photographers and hopefully found another way to meet new people and find some … Read more

Amazing Aurora imaging

This is pretty damned amazing! This image (captured by the IMAGE satellite) is an enhanced image of the Aurora over the southern pole. It’s enhanced, because you really wouldn’t have been able to see much of anything due to the fact that it was in the ultraviolet spectrum. There is a video as well, and … Read more

Planetary Photojournal

I just ran across this website (Planetary Photojournal) just a little bit ago, and Holy Cow, are there some wonderful image son there. That is where I retreived this beauty of Saturn. With thousands of images on all of the planets, and information on the equipment used to make the images – there is a … Read more

Large Format photography to the Nth degree

Having recently read an article in Novembers Popular Science (I know I’m a bit behind in my magazines – so what) I was pretty much left in complete awe of Graham Flints 9 x 18 inch camera. So basically, he’s using a custom machined lens(dubbed the Asymmagon) built on a customized camera which utilizes parts … Read more

Little Rock City :: redux ::

So I decided today to revisit Little Rock City, and take some more film with me and go to town. Well, as you may (or may not) remember from the original post, I was pretty taken with the place. Well I still am. When Litsa and i first went there, we didn’t even scratch the … Read more

Little Rock City

Not a very original name, I know, but this place is pretty cool. It almost reminds me of home in lots of ways. Okay, I guess I should be careful how I use the word home now right? Errr…. I mean it reminds me of Or-Y-Gun.   Anyway, this place is very interesting. It’s basically … Read more

The eternal question answered…

Hehehehe. Like a kid in a candy store am I. I have been struggling with the question of how I to be able to do more Photography with a growing family and shrinking spare time. After much sea-sawing, flip-flopping, hemming and hawing – I have deliberated to a solution! I bought a scanner today, well … Read more

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