Epson RD 1 – I’ve never wanted anything more….

Epson RD 1 - Rangefinder Digital Camera

Digital technology, analog heart

This camera is a thing of unparalleled beauty. Epson has created probably the single most desirable Digital Camera on the face of the planet. The RD1 boasts a 6.1mp (6 MP: 3,008 x 2,000 pixels (12-bit RAW, JPEG EXIF 2.21)) resolution and features found only on traditional range finder cameras.

The lenses it utilizes are any Type M lens bayonette and Type L lens bayonette usable with adapter. So this means Leica, Voigtlander, some old Canon lenses… It has a fairly predictable 1.53x conversion factor, but the image quality and ease of function of this camera seems to be unparalleled. It is expensive though, with a MSRP of $3,000.00, don’t expect to see me sportin’ one anytime in the near future unless I pawn one of my kids to buy it.

Check the Espon Site for more info on this thing. Maybe if I am lucky, I will be able to get a good deal on eBay in 40 years…

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