Later tater! No more forums…

Spammers of all kinds suck hairy arse

I’m sorry… no I’m not, but it’s true. I just couldn’t take it anymore. I never really had the time to care about the forums on my site here, and no one else did either – so…

POOF, vamoose son of a bitch

The main thing they really did is to provide a haven for idiots to register and post their stupid links back to their stupid sites about gambling, and leave a bunch of retarded comments saying stuff like "I agree with you totally" on a thread  that is posting a link to a file, or code sample. Whatever Retardo Montelbon, at least pretend to have a brain and reply so as to not give yourself up as a spammer in the first.25 nanoseconds. All right?

Besides. It makes my menu shorter anyway.

And if you are a wonderin’, yes I must thank Jay-Z for the lyric bit above…

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