Flickr takes over the world

Well, okay maybe not really – but it will be the recipient of all of my photos for my blog gallery from now on. I like the gallery software that I installed here, and in fact, if I cared at all if folks viewed the images on my site or on Flickr, I might actually leave it – invest a bit more time into it and get the layout done. Point in fact: I don’t. So, I upgraded my Flickr account to Pro, and will be migrating all of my images to my site there.

In case you just woke up

Flickr is an online image sharing community. That’s it’s sole purpose in life – to host images and allow folks to share their images, make connections and create a community of like minded individuals through groups and contacts. It’s pretty cool. There are others, to be sure, like zooomr, but the last few times I went to zooomr, the site was either down or annoyingly slow – so sorry Charlie. I even signed up, but I like Flickr.

It’s not going to happen tonight though, I have other stuff to do – like make some money on some freelance gigs – so this sort of thing will wait. Anyway, check out my Flickr site, there’s some good stuff up there (if I do say so myself).

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