I have to see a guy about a Mac

It’s funny in a sort of Pavlovian sort of way….


MacBook Pro - Apple Laptop


I’ve been thinking that I am going to no longer be of the PC toting Neanderthal market and make the big leap over to the Apple side of the street. WTF?! Yurp. You heard it right. I know, I’m sort of shocked too. But here’s the kicker. It’s a better machine. They are typically faster than their PC counter-parts. They are better built. Are more reliable. And the OS has a much cleaner UI.

There is a host of reasons to stay put and tough it out on Windows, and remain loyal to Billy. I have been using/owning Windows/DOS based PCs for almost 20 years, it’s going to cost more to switch, all of my applications are Windows based apps, etc…. I have been slowly moving away from MS dependency, first I ditched IE, Outlook, then Office. Hell I would even go to Linux if I could get my web development apps to run on it, but I can’t.

It was all downhill after the iPod

I can do everything I do now on the Mac platform with no trouble. Especially with Bootcamp being available (free I might add), I will most likely even be able to play my games.

What it really boils down to, is I am ready for a change. As a design, change is good – I might even say mandatory to stay on top of your game and not get stagnate. This change would only help to broaden my experience and increase my abilities to develop a high quality UI in my web designs. It will broaden my experiences with different applications, and force me to think about how I do things again rather than resting comfortably in the same old routines.

It also has a lot to do with the fact that I am sick and tired of my computer simply not working right. Having to watch the task manager for memory leaks, and strange unnamed services running for inexplicable reasons.

Sunday’s a-comin’

I’m not sure when I will actually raise sufficient funds to make the switch, especially since I will be getting a MacBook Pro. They are pretty expensive, and I don’t want to cheap out and replace my desktop with a less powerful model just to save a couple hundred bucks… So this year for, I’m just not sure when.

One thing to be sure of, the chronicles of change will be here.

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  1. Don’t do it yet man … hold off until all your applications are recompiled. Photoshop will not release new binaries until 2007 at least.

    Adobe: Universal apps could be 1yr away

    Adobe today said it would not deliver native Intel versions of currently shipping professional products and that customers would have to wait until future major releases–which could be more than one year away–for native Intel Mac support. While noting an upcoming release of a native Intel Mac beta of Lightroom, its newly introduced professional applications for photographers, Adobe refused to provide additional release dates on the native Intel versions of its applications, except to say it was moving its development to Apple’s Xcode development platform to help ease the Intel transition and was focused on the next major releases of its professional, which due to planned development cycles would delay the release of any native Intel Mac support.


    You don’t want to make the switch until you can get all your programs — don’t make the mistake of relying on boot camp.

    You have been warned!

  2. Warned? What do you guys at Intel know anyway? I mean geez, according to Apple – the Intel chip has been living in a 40 year old double-wide with a leaky roof until Jobs slapped them on their MoBo.

    I don’t know when I am going to get to it honestly, I have to find $3200 bucks to drop on a laptop – and that’s just to start with.

    As far as Bootcamp goes, that would be for playing games with me bro – not for running apps. Besides, that’s what Rosetta was built for, and according to Adobe all of my currents should run pretty okee dokee under it…

    I just wish they went with AMD instead… Especially since I own stock.

  3. All I am saying is that you don’t want to rush into an Apple purchase yet. Software issues aside, you are looking at a first generation hardware build. You want to wait for stabilization before rushing into a purchase, this is only common sense.

    If your looking at a Macbook or Mini you want to wait until they offer Merom chipset. If you are going with the more beefy cousion (PowerMac) then you definately want to wait for the Conroe. From Mac Rumors:

    – Merom (mobile) is said to offer 20% more performance than the Core Duo at the same battery life.

    – Conroe (desktop) is said to offer 40% more performance at 40% less power than the Pentium D 950.

    – Woodcrest (servers) is said to offer 80% more performance at 35% less power than the Xeon.


    As for your blatent attempt to pull me into a fanboy flamewar:

    1) Apple says a lot of thing, remember how they used to say the IBM Risc chip was much faster than any Intel chip? How did they explain the smoking performance of the MacBook then? Apple is fantastic at PR and marketing — nuff’ said.

    2) There is a reason Apple chose Intel. Manufacturing capability was one reason (they were sick of dealing with supply issues) but I suspect one of the main reasons was our new chip line (see above). Conroe simply smokes … as a recent Forbes article wrote “Intel is getting paranoid again and bringing a rocket-launcher to AMD’s knife fight”

    And that, my friend, is what us guys at Intel know 🙂

  4. Maybe so. But the simple fact that Intel does nothing but play catch-up is why I bought AMD stock, not Intel.

    If I play the wait for the new chip game, I will never ever buy a new machine. Whether it be a Mac, Windows or Linux system. There will always be something bigger better faster, and if I need a laptop, I’m not going to buy an old one just to upgrade in a year, and I most certainly am not going to put it off because a (supposedly) better chip comes out.

    More than likely I will wind up building a custom laptop to run winblows, because I still can’t really justify dropping 3k for a Mac – it would be nice – but until I make enough money to spend more than double for a comparable piece of equipment – this might be a moot point.

    I’m not impressed by your googleing either, fanboy.

  5. Yeah yeah I know I know….

    It’s easy to find someone who doesn’t like AMD, or Intel, or Mac, or Linux… blah blah blah….


    So maybe you should send an email once and again eh? You probably still don’t like Flash do ya?

    I just set the wife up with a new P4 and it’s pretty dang fast – cheap too – built an entire PC for $350…

    Anger? Was I supposed to have changed over the past 3.5 years or something? Atleast I don’t stay up all night playin’ Evercrack….

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