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Spiderman 3 wallpaper imageIt’s no secret that I am a big Spiderman junkie… Spiderman is awesome! What’s not to like? Normal Joe gets superpowers and struggles with them his entire life while trying to do what’s right and have a life at the same time… He’s not Superman (big time fan of the Man of Steel). He’s not as driven or self-centered as Batman (also an all time fav), and no where near as evil as Mr. Castle.

So I was perusing the web and ran across the new Spiderman 3 teaser site, and I liked it so much I made a desktop image and downloaded the screensaver. They have a wallpaper on the site, but it’s kinda sucky – especially when you compare it to mine. So, I took some elements from the Flash site, and made my own.

It’s not the first time I’ve done this – as you well know, and it won’t be the last. It’s only like 383 days til the movie hits the screen, and I already cannot wait. Although, technically I guess I have little choice in the matter.

The site itself is pretty cool, and very nicely done. I love the coloring of the images and the way the background pattern comes in.

Teaser sites seem to be the new black. Microsoft did one for Origami, as you remember from previous posts. Capcom threw up a site for the new Resident Evils. And countless other companies are creating the same sort of cryptic information buzz around upcoming projects. Google has the information leak buzz tool down to a science. Some are more ambiguous than others, but they all do the same thing in the end. Get people interested in some product before it hits the shelves, or in this case; screen. Although I don’t need a teaser to get me hyped about Spidey….

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